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After registering on the site, you will be able to track the status of orders, your personal account, and other new features

Trade and production company STALK

We create powerful products for your leisure and work with high reliability that are easy to use.
Hello, Igor Gorbarchuk, CEO of STALK, is in touch.
We are a small but ambitious Bryansk manufacturing company. We create products that are comfortable for work and leisure. We have modern high-precision equipment and experienced specialists in production.
year of foundation
production company STALK

How it all began?

The company was founded by Igor Gorbarchuk and Sergey Orlov. They ran various businesses for about 20 years.

Sergey started production companies, and Igor started non-production enterprises.

They had to decide which machines to buy and how to save raw materials in order for the products to be adequate in price.

So they came up with products that have no analogues and founded STALK.
We have prepared a video from which you will learn about how we work and why you will enjoy working with us.
Our main resource is our team.
A good team in business is the main asset of any company. If there is no strong team, there will never be a product or business development.
What we produce
• We were not interested in making common barbecues and cultivators that are abundant on the market.
• We developed and patented unique models.
• Our team consists of two inventors, a technologist and experienced shop staff.
• We constantly monitor new trends, think ahead and create useful and original solutions for life.
• We accept applications, are open for cooperation and can produce virtually any steel product.
How we are working
We invent
We dive into a specific topic, conduct research, come up with an idea and model for future products.
We develop
The technologist develops drawings, designs the model and gives it to the specialists in the workshop.
We create
Specialists create parts and welders carefully weld the seams so that the parts become one whole.
We test new products and patent them.
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Quality control
in production
• We focus not only on the unique properties of our products, but also on quality.
• The production is equipped with high-precision laser equipment and CNC machines.
• All products undergo quality control without human intervention.
• Мы решительно беремся за самые трудоемкие задачи и блестяще их решаем.
Our values
Frames above all
The company's arsenal includes the knowledge of the best market experts.  This allows customers to get a product that can be assembled without the slightest effort and all parts fit tightly.
The result is extremely important
Before starting production, we always define goals that can be measured and evaluated in the future.  Only specifics allow you to effectively invest, so we work for a specific result.
We have many regular customers who have chosen us for more than 2 years.  We always keep our promises, communicate openly with clients, and provide support if needed.
There are no boundaries for perfection
Despite the fact that we have a lot of experience and knowledge, our training does not stop.  We continue to develop continuously.